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Cellulite Reduction Specialist

Scheinblum Medical


PRP Treatment Specialist & Wellness Center located in Syosset, NY

TempSure® Firm™ is a premier cellulite reduction treatment that seriously minimizes the appearance of stubborn cellulite without pain, surgery, or needles. Because of his expertise in advanced noninvasive body treatments, Keith Scheinblum, MD, provides highly effective cellulite reduction treatments at Scheinblum Medical in Syosset, New York. Whether you want to feel more confident this swimsuit season or have cellulite that’s problematic year-round, Dr. Scheinblum can help. Find out more information, and get started on your tailored cellulite reduction plan by booking a consultation online or over the phone today.

Cellulite Reduction Q & A
How does cellulite reduction work?

Cellulite reduction with the groundbreaking TempSure Firm platform gives you the opportunity to feel more confident in your own skin. TempSure Firm’s unique applicator gently massages your skin and sends waves of radiofrequency energy into underlying tissues.

The specialized combination of massage and therapeutic heat from radiofrequency energy enhances blood flow to the area and helps loosen those fibrous bands that lead to dimpling. At the same time, collagen fibers tighten and cellulite-prone areas even out, nearly erasing the appearance of cellulite entirely. 

Which areas can a doctor treat with TempSure Firm cellulite reduction?

Scheinblum Medical proudly offers TempSure Firm cellulite reduction treatments designed to target the most stubborn of areas. Dr. Scheinblum can use the nonsurgical handheld tool to minimize the appearance of cellulite on your:

  • Inner and outer thighs

  • Abdomen and flanks

  • Buttocks 

For further skin-smoothing and tightening benefits, Dr. Scheinblum may recommend combining TempSure Firm treatments with WarmSculpting™ with SculpSure® to eliminate fatty deposits and help dramatically tighten your skin.

When will I have results with TempSure Firm cellulite reduction?

Within a few weeks of your first session. In most cases, TempSure Firm cellulite reduction services from Scheinblum Medical requires a series of sessions for optimal results. After evaluating the areas which you’d like to treat, Dr. Scheinblum designs your cellulite treatment package.

Depending on the severity of your cellulite and how quickly your body responds to the treatments, anywhere from about four to eight sessions may be necessary. But treatments are fast and can take as little as 5-10 minutes for certain areas. Plus, no downtime is necessary, so you can conveniently book all of your sessions during your lunch hour. 

When will I have results with TempSure Firm cellulite reduction?

It might, depending on your genetics, weight fluctuations, and other factors. Dr. Scheinblum may recommend coming back to Scheinblum Medical one or more times annually for maintenance TempSure Firm treatments. His goal is to help you stay one step ahead of cellulite, so you won’t have to feel uncomfortable about it ever again.

Scheinblum Medical offers cellulite reduction treatments for both men and women. You can book your TempSure Firm consultation through the website or over the phone today. 

Individual results may vary.



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