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Known for its extraordinary effectiveness at resolving that dreaded double chin, Kybella® is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand aesthetic treatments. With his expertise in injectable services, Keith Scheinblum, MD, provides personalized Kybella treatment packages at Scheinblum Medical in Syosset, New York. If you’d like a permanent solution for resolving submental fullness, contact the office today. You’re welcome to book a consultation through the website or over the phone.

Kybella Q & A
How does Kybella work?

Kybella is an aesthetic injectable that dissolves fat underneath your chin and jawline. This FDA-approved injectable contains synthetic deoxycholic acid, which your body can produce on its own to break down and absorb dietary fat.

By injecting Kybella’s deoxycholic acid directly into targeted fat cells, your body starts breaking down fat in the area of the injection. Once Kybella gets rid of your fat buildup, fat cells can no longer accumulate in the area (unless you gain weight later on). This advantage means that your Kybella results are permanent. 

What happens during a Kybella session?

Scheinblum Medical offers Kybella treatment plans that are personalized to your needs. Dr. Scheinblum evaluates your chin and jawline and lets you know what to expect from your treatment plan. Once you and Dr. Scheinblum decide on your treatment, he uses a specialized pattern tool that acts as a guide for your Kybella injection. 

Dr. Scheinblum uses the guide to ensure he spaces each Kybella injection at perfectly even distances from each other, so you have smooth, even, natural-looking results. Depending on how much submental fullness you have, Dr. Scheinblum may need to deliver anywhere from 20-50 Kybella injections during a single treatment.

Even though the Kybella needle is small and you’ll likely tolerate the injections quite well, Dr. Scheinblum provides an optional topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort. You need to arrive at Scheinblum Medical about 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to apply the cream.

When can I expect results with Kybella?

Although Kybella quickly goes to work to destroy fatty deposits, it takes time for full results to take effect. Dr. Scheinblum generally recommends at least two to six Kybella sessions, which need to be at least a month apart.

You should start noticing dramatic results within a couple of months after your first Kybella session at Scheinblum Medical. Over time, you may continue experiencing ongoing benefits with Kybella. 

Learn more about how Kybella can help you achieve your aesthetic goals by booking a visit to Scheinblum Medical. Use the online booking tool, or call to speak with a team member.

Individual results may vary.



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