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Scheinblum Medical


PRP Treatment Specialist & Wellness Center located in Syosset, NY


Scheinblum Medical offers weekly injections, patient monitoring and follow-ups to ensure maximum dosage can be achieved as well as potential side effects managed for patient safety. Our patient plan is to fully optimize accelerated weight loss to help patients reach their goals.

Skin Tightening Q & A
What is Wegovy™?

Wegovy™ is an FDA-approved injectable prescription medication to assist adults with BMI >27 lose weight and keep the weight off. The injection comes in the form of a pen for subcutaneous (under the skin) use only.

Which doses of Wegovy do you offer?

TempSure Envi is a groundbreaking, noninvasive, anti-aging service. The treatment involves using radiofrequency energy to excite your natural collagen fibers and stimulate new collagen production. All you have to do is lie back and relax while the premier TempSure Envi handheld tool does all the work to tighten your skin.

PRP with microneedling

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with microneedling is a two-step skin rejuvenation procedure. The first step involves processing a small amount of blood to extract a serum of platelets and growth factors.

Next, Dr. Scheinblum coats your skin with your PRP and uses a specialized microneedling tool to gently puncture your skin, allowing the growth factors to penetrate deeper in your skin. Combining PRP with microneedling helps generate new collagen, which ultimately helps you have seriously firmer and tighter skin. 

TempSure Firm™

Scheinblum Medical also offers the exclusive TempSure Firm. This industry-leading skin tightening and smoothing treatment improves and tightens sagging, wrinkled skin on your body, in areas such as stomach, knees, and elbows. 

The entire TempSure treatment is noninvasive and fast! Dr. Scheinblum can complete smaller areas in just 5-10 minutes.

When will I have results with skin tightening?

Scheinblum Medical offers skin tightening treatments to tighten your face and neck, as well as other problem areas, including your stomach, knees, and elbows. A skin tightening procedure with TempSure Envi (alongside PRP with microneedling) resolves lines, wrinkles, crepey skin, stretch marks, and more, while TempSure firm targets the most stubborn of cellulite from your thighs, buttocks, or other area.

You can achieve all of these benefits shortly after your first skin tightening session. Dr. Scheinblum finds that it takes about a month for you to experience more dramatic results, depending on your service. 

How many skin tightening sessions do I need?

Although skin tightening treatments from Scheinblum Medical can help bring back your youthful-looking skin, it takes time and dedication to your treatment plan to experience optimal results. 

Dr. Scheinblum may recommend about three to five weekly or monthly skin tightening sessions to help you achieve your skin goals. After that point, you should schedule maintenance sessions once or twice a year. 

Click on the online scheduler to book your skin tightening evaluation at Scheinblum Medical today, or call to speak with a team member directly. 

Individual results may vary.

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